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Ten Years of Swiss Membership in the UN (2012)

Flags of the UN Member Countries – According to the alpabet, the Swiss flag is flanked by those of Sweden and Syria  [©KEYSTONE/Alessandro della Valle]

In 2002, Switzerland became the 190th Member State of the United Nations (UN). Since then, Switzerland has been actively using its membership in this most important organization worldwide – indeed the sole global international organization – as a platform to represent its interests and convictions.

After these first ten years, the results are positive, as can be borne witness to by the Human Rights Council in Geneva and the institution of the Office of the Ombudsperson in connection with the UN sanctions policy, both of which can be ascribed to the decisive role of Swiss commitment. Within the international community, Switzerland has been recognized as a proactive and self-confident team player appreciated for its solidarity. Switzerland is seeking election to the UN Security Council, the most powerful UN body, for the period 2023–2024.

10yrsCH@UN: ten reasons why Switzerland engages with the UN

Video: ten reasons why Switzerland engages with the UN

Switzerland became a member of the UN on 10 September 2002. This short film takes stock of the past ten years and provides ten reasons why Switzerland will continue its commitment to the UN.


Official visit by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Ban Ki-moon © UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

The Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon paid a two-day official visit to Switzerland to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Switzerland's membership of the UN.

 Visit by Ban Ki-moon, 10–11.9.2012

ABC Switzerland UN

ABC Switzerland UN

In 2002, the Swiss population voted to approve Switzerland’s membership in the UN. Since then, Switzerland has been actively engaged as a full member in this global Organization. The newly published ABC Switzerland – UN explains how Switzerland is implementing its commitment, the objectives it is pursuing, and the specific spheres in which it is active.

 ABC Switzerland UN

Opinion editorial by Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter

Icon image for Press: various Swiss magazins and newspapers [© FDFA]

The Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs Didier Burkhalter commented on Switzerland's UN engagement.

 Opinion editorials and interviews on the Swiss UN engagement

Factsheet: ten years of Swiss Membership in the UN

Swiss flag next to the UN flag [© Keystone]

An up-to-date factsheet takes stock of the first ten years of Switzerland’s membership in the United Nations, and points out the future priorities and expectations of Switzerland’s commitment to the UN. Copious background information and specific examples are provided to illustrate the activities of Switzerland in this truly global organization.

  Factsheet: ten years of Swiss Membership in the UN  (pdf, 663 Kb)

Questions and Answers on Switzerland’s Commitment to the UN

 Icon image for FAQ, white i on red background [© stock_xchng]

Experts from the FDFA answer questions on the topic “Switzerland and the UN”. The aspects that are dealt with include: the costs and benefits of UN membership, the role of Switzerland in the Human Rights Council and in the UN Security Council, Switzerland’s relation to “international” Geneva, and Switzerland’s path to full membership in the UN.

 FAQ on Switzerland and the UN