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Switzerland signs Arms Trade Treaty


On 3 June 2013, Ambassador Paul Seger, Switzerland’s permanent representative to the UN, signed the Arms Trade Treaty in New York on behalf of Switzerland.

At an official ceremony at the UN headquarters in New York, Switzerland was one of the first states to sign the international Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). In his speech, Ambassador Paul Seger emphasised how important it is that the ATT enters into force and be implemented as soon as possible in order to combat effectively the negative consequences of the international trade in conventional weapons. Switzerland also hopes to see the ATT ratified as soon as possible.

Following several years of negotiations, the ATT was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 2 April 2013. Switzerland has been actively involved in negotiating the treaty and played a large part in helping to establish clear regulations in the international arms trade.

For the first time, the ATT sets legally binding international standards for the regulation of cross-border trade in conventional armaments. The aim of the agreement is to foster responsibility in the international arms trade and contribute to the fight against illicit trafficking in weapons in order to reduce the human suffering caused by armed violence.

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