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Information about Switzerland

Das Luzerner Seebecken mit Pilatus, dem Kongress- und Kulturzentrum, der Kapellbrücke und der Altstadt. (© Luzern Tourismus)

Multilingualism, the political system, cultural diversity, breath-taking landscapes, and the population itself: these are but some of the distinguishing marks of Switzerland. Below, you will find a survey of the Websites enabling you to become better acquainted with Switzerland in general and as a tourist destination, as well as information on Switzerland as a place of residence and as a business location.

Logo of Brand Switzerland (© Presence Switzerland, FDFA)

Becoming acquainted with Switzerland 
Information on the Swiss people, culture, leisure, geography, the environment, the educational system, the economy, Swiss politics and history, along with photos, films, dossiers, and much more in eight languages.
http://www.swissworld.org/en The official information portal on Switzerland

News about Switzerland

You will find news and information about Switzerland in ten languages destined for those interested in Switzerland and for Swiss abroad at the multimedia Newsportal of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG).
http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/index.html The news portal on Switzerland

Travelling to Switzerland

Discover the tourist destinations, accommodations, transportation possibilities, and events taking place in Switzerland, all in 15 languages.
http://www.myswitzerland.com/en/home.html The official tourist portal on Switzerland

Entering, working, studying, and living in Switzerland

For entry into Switzerland, various regulations according to the purpose of your stay (e.g., tourism, employment, studies, or retirement) and your country of origin, are applicable.
 Entry into Switzerland 
https://www.ch.ch/en/stays-switzerland Residence in Switzerland 
https://www.ch.ch/en/work-switzerland-foreign-national Employment in Switzerland
https://www.ch.ch/en/applying-asylum Seeking asylum in Switzerland 
http://www.crus.ch/information-programme/study-in-switzerland.html?L=2 Studying in Switzerland 
http://www.crus.ch/information-programme/research-in-switzerland.html?L=2 Conducting research in Switzerland 
https://www.ch.ch/en/living-switzerland-foreign-national Living in Switzerland

Investing in Switzerland and importing into Switzerland

Thanks to its innovative strength, its political and economic system, the outstanding infrastructure, and the high quality of life, Switzerland is an attractive and competitive business location.
http://www.invest-in-switzerland.com/global/en Investing in Switzerland
http://importers.sippo.ch/en Importing into Switzerland

Finding Swiss authorities

Information and links to the Swiss authorities on federal, cantonal, and communal levels
https://www.ch.ch/fr/annuaire Directory of administrative authorities on federal, cantonal, and communal levels
http://www.swissworld.org/en/authorities/government_links Explanations and a survey of the competencies of the Swiss authorities in eight languages

Further information on Switzerland

http://www.nb.admin.ch/dienstleistungen/swissinfodesk/index.html?lang=en Questions about Switzerland – SwissInfoDesk of the Swiss National Library 
List of links and research-possibilities offered

http://www.swissworld.org/en/switzerland/resources/link_directories/official_swiss_links Official links to Switzerland in eight languages