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Key data for the Republic of Rwanda

Head of State:  Paul KAGAME
Head of government:  Pierre Damien HABUMUREMYI
Form of government:  Republic
Area:  26'338 km2
Capital: Kigali
Population: 11.4 million P
Religions: 93% Christian, 5% Moslem
National language: English, French, Kinyarwanda, Swahili
Currency: Rwandan franc (RWF)
Gross domestic product (gdp) 2012: 7.1 billion USD
Change against previous year: 8 %
Gdp per capita 2012: 631 USD
Swiss colony 2012: 85 P
Swiss exports 2012: 2.92 million CHF
Change against previous year:  +41.2 %
Swiss imports 2012: 0.19 million CHF
Change against previous year:  -58.9 %