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Consulate General Istanbul

View of the Swiss Embassy building in Istanbul

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Consulate General Istanbul © FDFA

Consulate General of Switzerland

Esentepe Mah. Büyükdere Cad. 173
1. Levent Plaza A Blok Kat:3
P.K. 90
TR-34394 Levent-Sisli-Istanbul

Visa Section

Randevu / Rendez-vous / Terminvereinbarungen / Appointments:
TLScontact +90 212 370 31 00 

Consular Section
Mon–Fri 08:30–11:00
Tel.: +90 212 283 12 82
Fax: +90 212 283 12 98

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Transfer of the Consular Services

The consular section of our Embassy in Ankara is closed. As of 15th April 2013 the Consulate General in Istanbul will be responsible for consular matters concerning Swiss nationals living in Turkey. All consular services (issue of passports and identity cards, changes in civil status, registrations, etc.) will be carried out by the Consulate General in Istanbul.
Visa related issues will still be handled in Ankara until 15th November 2013. After this date, all visa applications in Turkey will be treated by the Consulate General in Istanbul.

Reorganization of the Consular Services

The aim of the reorganization of the consular services is to provide an efficient and high-quality range of services tailored to the needs of the Swiss Abroad.

The reorganization takes account that nowadays most consular services can be carried out by mail or e-mail. Swiss citizens abroad are increasingly communicating with the Swiss representations abroad in this way. Only very few matters, such as capturing biometric data for passports, require the individuals concerned to appear in person.

The following additional measures will be introduced at the same time as the transfer of consular services: 

  • Biometric data can be captured at cantonal passport offices in Switzerland or at Swiss representations abroad that offer consular services. Applications for passports and identity cards must be submitted to the representation responsible for the applicant’s place of residence. For Swiss living in Turkey it is Istanbul.
  • Life certificates of our pensioners for AHV/AVS: It is not necessary for applicants to appear in person for an interview at the Consulate General. Certificates can be notarized by the Muhtar.

Helpline Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) 

The FDFA Helpline provides detailed information 365 days a year around the clock about the following FDFA services:

  • Travel advice
  • Itineris – online registration for Swiss nationals travelling abroad
  • Consular protection
  • Living abroad
  • Other consular services (services of Swiss representations in connection with passports and identity cards, registration, civil status, civil rights, notarizations, confirmations, certificates, inheritance, welfare, deposits, etc.)

You find the coordinates of the Helpline on the right side of the homepage.

Aufenthaltsdauer zu touristischen Zwecken in der Türkei

Die Aufenthaltsdauer zu touristischen Zwecken in der Türkei ist auf maximal 90 Tage innerhalb von 180 Tagen begrenzt.

Durée de séjour des étrangers en Turquie
La durée de séjour des touristes en Turquie est limitée à 90 jours maximum sur une période de 180 jours.


Ausländische Staatsangehörige, die sich länger als ein Jahr in der Türkei aufhalten, müssen eine Krankenversicherung abschliessen.

Bitte kontaktieren Sie für genauere Informationen die für Ihren Wohnort zuständige türkische Behörde. 

L’obligation d’avoir une assurance maladie
Les ressortissants étrangers séjournant depuis plus d'un an en Turquie doivent souscrire une assurance santé.

Pour de plus amples renseignements, veuillez contacter l’autorité responsable de votre lieu de résidence.

Residence permit for Swiss citizens

Important information:

Since April 1, 2011 the fee for a turkish residence permit for Swiss citizens has been set to TRY 120.00 per year.