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  Embassy of Switzerland 
Represents Switzerland’s interests in the U.S. (political, legal, economic, financial, cultural, science, defense and military) and offers the same services as the Consulates General.

  Consulates General
Represent Switzerland’s interests in a consular district. 
The Consulates General offer Swiss citizen services and act as links between the Swiss residing in the consular districts and their home country. If required, they also issue visas to U.S. residents traveling to Switzerland. 

  Consulates (Headed by an Honorary Consul)
Together with the Consulate General of the respective district, the Honorary Consul represents Switzerland’s interests in their respective state. 
Please note: Consulates do not offer Swiss citizen and visa services. For those services, please go directly to the Consulate General responsible for your district. 

 Mission in New York 
Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations.

 Swiss Business Hubs 
Swiss Business Hub USA is the name for the Trade Commissions of Switzerland to the United States of America. Swiss Business Hubs are the Swiss government's «one-stop-shop» business solutions agency for small and medium-sized companies.

swissnex is an initiative of the Swiss government to strengthen the ties between Switzerland and the U.S. in science, education, and innovation.

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