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Political and Legal Affairs

One of the Embassy of Switzerland’s main missions is to manage the bilateral political relations between Switzerland and the United States and to follow U.S. domestic and foreign policies. The Embassy of Switzerland carries out its mission by using its extensive network of contacts with the U.S. administration and its various departments and agencies, Congress, as well as a wide range of think tanks and opinion leaders. It focuses on areas of common interest and potential areas of Swiss-U.S. cooperation.

In addition, through its Legal Affairs Advisor, the Embassy of Switzerland follows institutional and legal developments in the United States, handles matters related to international law, and deals with human rights issues.

Contact Political and Legal Affairs

E-mail  was.vertretung@eda.admin.ch
Tel: (202) 745-7917


Daniel Hunn, Chief of Section
Riccarda Torriani, Deputy Chief of Section
Olivier Fink, Political Affairs
Roland Portmann, Political and Legal Affairs
Mario Brossi, Congressional Affairs
Carla Stadelmann, Assistant