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Swiss passport

Biometric Swiss Passport
Where to apply for a new Swiss Passport and ID-Card
How to apply for a new Swiss Passport and ID-Card
Applications for minors or persons under guardianship
Loss or Theft of a Swiss Passport and/or Identity Card
Temporary Passport
Biometric Swiss Passport

Since 1 March 2010, Switzerland only issues biometric passports, containing one digital facial photograph, a digital signature and two digital fingerprints.

Machine-readable passports issued prior to 1 March 2010 remain valid until their expiry date. Please check entry regulations as they may vary from country to country.

For more information on the biometric passport, please visit the website of the Swiss Federal Department of Justice and Police: http://www.schweizerpass.admin.ch www.schweizerpass.admin.ch.

Where to apply for a new Swiss Passport and ID-Card

Swiss citizens living abroad requesting a new Swiss passport or ID-card have to apply at the Swiss Embassy or Consulate where they are registered. Registration is mandatory for all Swiss citizens who intend to stay abroad for more than one year.

Swiss citizens living in New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Fiji, Niue, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu and American Samoa must apply to the Swiss Embassy in Wellington. If you reside or intend to reside in New Zealand or one of the Pacific islands mentioned above for one year or more and you are not yet registered with the Embassy, please refer to the http://www.eda.admin.ch/eda/en/home/reps/ocea/vnzl/livnzl/regist.html Registration page first. The Embassy is not able to process applications for new passports and/or ID-cards unless the registration process has been completed. Moreover the personal data (name, civil status, etc.) registered at the Embassy need to be up to date.

If you are travelling or staying in New Zealand or in one of the above mentioned Pacific islands on a temporary basis only and are still registered in Switzerland or in another country, you will need to submit your application for a new passport and/or ID-card at the http://www.schweizerpass.admin.ch/content/pass/de/home/ausweise/allgemeines/passbueros.html passport office of the canton in Switzerland or at the http://www.eda.admin.ch/eda/en/home/reps.html Embassy/Consulate where you are registered.

How to apply for a new Swiss Passport and ID-Card

Only Swiss citizens who are duly registered at the Embassy in Wellington can request a new Swiss passport or ID-card according to the steps below:

  • Step 1: Submit your application with this https://www.ch-edoc-passantrag.admin.ch/antrag/antrag_start.action?request_locale=en online form. You will receive an e-mail acknowledging the successful registration of your online application.
  • Step 2: Once your online application has been verified and approved by the Embassy (this usually takes a couple of days), you will receive a further e-mail inviting you to schedule an appointment at the Embassy in Wellington through our online appointment system. Appointment slots are available on weekdays in the mornings, on a first come, first served basis, but no more than two months in advance.
  • Step 3: Attend your appointment at the Embassy in Wellington. The recording of your biometric data (photo, fingerprints and signature) will take approx. 30 minutes. Fees for passports and/or ID cards (see below) are charged at the time of your visit. Please note that payments can only be made in cash (exact amount in New Zealand dollars) or with a personal cheque or bank cheque (payable to Embassy of Switzerland). There are no credit card or EFTPOS facilities. You will also need to bring along your current Swiss passport and/or identity card for cancellation purposes or a current foreign passport to identify yourself. Additional requirements apply for minors and persons under guardianship (see separate section below).
  • Step 4: After your biometric data has been recorded at the Embassy, your application will be sent to Switzerland, where the passport/ID-card will be produced. It usually takes between three to four weeks until the new documents are produced and sent directly to your home address. If your current passport/ID-card cannot be cancelled at the time of your appointment, the new documents will be sent to the Embassy. Once they have arrived, you will be asked to send in your old passport/ID-card, upon which we will send you the new documents.
    The Embassy has no control over the length of the production and shipment process.

Please note:

  • If you have changed your name or your civil status through marriage, divorce or otherwise, you must register these changes with the Swiss Embassy in Wellington before you apply for your new Swiss passport. Updating personal data with the Embassy and the relevant authorities in Switzerland may take several weeks. Please refer to the page http://www.eda.admin.ch/eda/en/home/reps/ocea/vnzl/livnzl/civil.html Births, Deaths, Marriages etc. for more information and specific procedures to be followed.
  • Swiss citizens registered at the Embassy in Wellington can also request that their biometric data (photo, fingerprints, signature) are recorded at another http://www.eda.admin.ch/eda/en/home/reps.html Swiss representation (for example the Swiss Consulate-General in Sydney) or at a http://www.schweizerpass.admin.ch/content/pass/de/home/ausweise/allgemeines/passbueros.html passport office of your choice in Switzerland. Some passport offices in Switzerland are not able to process the passport applications immediately and there may be significant waiting periods for an appointment to record the biometric data. If you choose to have your biometric data taken at a passport office in Switzerland, it is therefore imperative that you apply for a new passport well in advance. Please note that if you are registered at the Embassy in Wellington and want to have your biometrics recorded at another Swiss representation or at a passport office in Switzerland, you must still apply for a new passport at the Swiss Embassy in Wellington (and not directly at the passport office in Switzerland or another representation abroad). Please mention your preferred alternative location for the recording of the biometric data under remarks (section nine) in the online application.

Applications for minors or persons under guardianship

Minors or persons under legal guardianship need to be accompanied by their parents or their legal guardian(s) during their visit in person to the Embassy (step 3 of the application process above). If one of the parents or a legal guardian is unable to appear in person at the Embassy together with the minor/person under guardianship applying for a passport, the parent or legal guardian must sign and submit a written consent. Divorced or unmarried parents must provide proof of custody of the child, and in the case of joint custody, both parents must give their consent.

Loss or Theft of a Swiss Passport and/or Identity Card

If a Swiss identity document is lost or stolen abroad, the nearest Swiss Embassy or Consulate must be informed immediately. In case of theft, a police report needs to be obtained.

If the lost identity document is recovered, it must be handed in immediately to the nearest Swiss Embassy, Consulate or other Swiss authority entitled to issue passports.

Swiss identity documents which have been lost or stolen are entered in an official list of missing documents. A recovered Swiss identity document must not be used anymore but returned to the nearest Swiss Embassy, Consulate or other Swiss authority for cancellation and removal from this list.

Temporary Passport

A temporary passport, which has a maximum validity of one year, may be issued in cases of emergency only. It must be returned to the issuing authority for cancellation after the travel is completed. Please also check entry regulations for onward travel as they may vary from country to country (for instance, some countries may require a visa for holders of temporary Swiss passports, whereas holders of normal biometric Swiss passports would not need one). Please note that the issuance of a temporary passport requires a visit in person to the Embassy in Wellington. Processing time may take several days. More information on this type of passport can be found http://www.schweizerpass.admin.ch/content/pass/de/home/ausweise/provisorischer_pass.html here (German/French/Italian only).


Passport for adults (over 18 years)           NZ$ 202.00
Identity Card for adults                                 NZ$ 101.00
Passport and Identity Card for adults        NZ$ 226.00
Temporary Passport for adults                   NZ$ 135.00

Passport for children (under 18 years)      NZ$   94.00
Identity Card for children                               NZ$   54.00
Passport and Identity Card for children     NZ$ 118.00
Temporary Passport for children                NZ$ 135.00

The above fees include postage from Switzerland to New Zealand.

Additional charges may apply outside of regular working hours.

Fees for Swiss Identity Cards and Swiss Passports can only be paid by CASH or CHEQUE. There are no credit card or EFTPOS facilities.