Internet and New Technologies

Switzerland has a state-of-the-art internet infrastructure. The country actively shapes this cyber economy and knows how to get the most from it.

Entrance of the Google office building in Zurich
Google Office (Zurich) © EDA, Präsenz Schweiz

Switzerland has one of the most highly developed internet infrastructures in the world. Its higher education institutions promote innovation in this sector and contribute to its success.

A number of internet giants have followed the lead of Google in Zurich and have set up base in Switzerland. Geneva is home to some two dozen international organisations, such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which are involved in regulating and managing the internet. Foreign internet players also hold Switzerland in high esteem because of its political stability and the secure and cost-effective supply of electricity needed to run servers in data centres. Switzerland currently hosts 58 colocation centres (server housing), as well as a great many data centres belonging to major companies.

e-Economy and e-Government

In view of the importance and economic potential of information and communications technologies (ICT), the Federal Council updated its ICT strategy in 2012. A particular focus of the revised strategy is the e-Economy, i.e. the creation of companies and jobs in the new technology sector, as well as e-Government, in other words the use of ICT to simplify and speed up administrative processes.