Information for Swiss travellers and citizens in Albania

Local news, 22.03.2020

Important air travel restrictions at Tirana Airport from midnight Sunday, 22nd of March and onwards

Urgent travel information
Urgent Travel Information ©FOFH

As Albania takes measures to fight the spread of Covid-19, Swiss citizens travelling in or through the country should first check with Tirana Airport.

Swiss travellers in Albania are adviced to check with the Tirana International Airport ‘Mother Teresa’ in regard to their travel plans. In addition, they should consult the information provided by Albanian Government related to the situation with Covid-19 in the country, and with measures regarding movements and travel.

Tirana International Airport.

Telephone: + 355 4 2381 800


Ministry of Health and Social Protection

Swiss travellers abroad should also register with the Travel Admin App following instructions from the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.