Empowering Women's Leadership

Project completed

The project goal is to contribute to more gender sensitive and women friendly provision of public services and resources and to strengthen women’s voice and recognition in local government decision making processes. This will contribute to reduce gender related poverty in Bangladesh. The proposed strategy envisages: 1) Capacity Development of elected women leaders to act as performing councillors; 2) Establishment of a National Women’s Leadership Network for better collaboration, coordination and outreach, and 3) Reinforcement of Evidenced based Policy Advocacy for influencing new legislation and programs. The primary target group will be 14’000 women councillors in almost all districts.

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Human rights
Human rights (incl. Women's rights)
01.11.2010 - 30.11.2015
CHF 4'205'000
Directorate/federal office responsible SDC
Credit area Development cooperation
Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF   4'205'000 Swiss disbursement to date CHF   3'997'998
Project phases Phase 3 15.04.2018 - 14.01.2023   (Current phase) Phase 2 01.12.2015 - 31.10.2017   (Completed)

Phase 1 01.11.2010 - 30.11.2015   (Completed)