Visa fees

The Ordinance of 24 October 2007 on Fees under the Federal Act on Foreign Nationals (SR 142.209, in German French and Italian) and the Visa Code stipulate the fees to be collected. The amounts are payable in the currency determined by the Swiss representation.

Schengenvisa C (up to 90 days) and Swiss national visa D
Category CAD
Adults 92.00
Reduced fee  
Children aged from 6 < 12 54.00
Citizens from:
Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, Russia, Moldova and Armenia 
Exempt from fee free 
Children under 6 years of age at time of application  
Spouses and children of Swiss and EU/EFTA citizens   
Employees of several International Organizations    
Applicants for study visas and for their partners   
Other categories according to art 13 of the Ordinance on Federal fees under the Foreign Nationals Act (RS 142.209, see link below)  
Advance for objection following a visa C (<90 days) refusal 270.00

The fee must be paid either in cash or by money order (made out to the competent Swiss Consulate General or Embassy). If the application is made by mail, a money order is required. 

If you have doubts whether you are exempt from the fee, contact the Swiss representation competent for your place of residence by email.

Detailed information can be found on the French page.