Death in Switzerland

The competent Swiss representation must also be notified of the death in Switzerland of Swiss Abroad or their foreign spouses, in order to update the personal details in the register of the Swiss Abroad. The following documents and information have to be submitted to the competent Swiss representation:

  • photocopy of Swiss death certificate (original not required)
  • Swiss identity documents (passport & identity card) for cancellation, if they have not been cancelled already by a passport office in Switzerland – at the written request of the family, the cancelled documents can be returned as mementos (please specify this when submitting the documents)
  • address and contact details of the surviving relatives

In order to register the death of a Swiss citizen or of the spouse of a Swiss citizen the following documents are required:

  • a death certificate legalized by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (not older than 6 months) and translated by an authorized translator of this Embassy into an official Swiss language (you will find the list of the translators here)
  • passport and/or ID card for cancellation