New York based Georgian Artist Performs in Tbilisi

Press releases, 10.02.2015

New York based Georgian artist Uta Bekaia performs “Fua Sia Tata Sia” within the framework of the South Caucasus Contemporary Dance and Experimental Art Festival in Tbilisi.

Fua Sia Tata Sia is an installation, dedicated to the research of pagan rituals from Samegrelo, Western Georgia. The ritual is based on the energy cleansing ceremony that is performed when one gets sick with energetic overflow. The ritual is performed with three elements: water, gold and a jet stone, believed to absorb and release dark energy from a person. By the end of the ritual the medicine woman, performing cleansing, becomes a medium between a patient and the universe, releasing the energy through her body. The texts for spells have been verbally shared from generation to generation among medicine women. They are spoken in one of the oldest language in Europe, Mengrelian. This performance is based on author Uta Bekaia’s private experience and is dedicated to his grandmother Nora Maskhulia.

Performing artists: Ucha Mzhavia, Beka Paikidze, Elizbar Chkheidze, Nina Gorgaslidze.

The performance is a part of the The Regional Art and Culture project in the South Caucasus, which is implemented with the financial support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The overall goal of the project is to stimulate a plural innovative and interactive cultural sector in the South Caucasus as well as to support socio-cultural diversity and cooperation in and between the countries of the South Caucasus through the development of contemporary art.   


Address: 182 Agmashenebeli, Av.Mushtaidi Park, 0112 Tbilisi, Georgia
February 17 at 20. 00 h
Free entrance

Contact: Tamuna Gurchiani, Project Manager

Tel: 595 38 44 68