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The SDC and SECO provide regular news and highlights from their projects in Hungary. Besides the latest results and findings you can also find information on important events and short films.

A look at a successful environmental project in Hungary

Five children planting flowers in a classroom.
What we learn as children can influence us later in life. © Educational Institute for Research and Development Hungary

Hungary, September 2016 – The progress that has been made with the recently completed Widening Green Kindergarten and Ecoschool movements projects is extremely positive. More than 1,600 schools and kindergartens were certified with the Ecoschool Awards and Green Kindergarten label. This means that over 60,000 children and 2,000 teachers can benefit from environmental education on the curriculum and a learning environment that is close to nature. Children retain experiences with hands-on, practical involvement. Whether going to the woods or the zoo, playing interactive games on the computer in class, or tending the small kindergarten garden – all of this helps improve the environmental awareness of the next generation.

Widening Green Kindergarten and Ecoschool movements

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