Stefan Keller at the Transparent Sound Festival

Monday, 14.01.2019 – Monday, 14.01.2019


© Stefan Keller

"In 2011 Stefan Keller told me that if he needed to suddenly move out of his apartment, he could do it in one day. To my surprised question – in which the character of a traditional sheet music and book collector appeared – as to what would happen with his sheet music, books and other things, he simply replied: he does not possess any of those. Everything he owns is on his computer. He only had to take that and his tablas – all of his material belongings."  Balázs Horváth

The self-introduction from Stefan Keller  at the Transparent Sound Festival showcases these valuables through the compositions: the concert involves clarinet-electronics and tabla-electronics duos, Keller presents himself as a composer as well as a performer. He will play on the tabla, paired with live electronics. All electronic sounds are cooperating with his tabla playing in a very organic way, since the sounds of the tabla are controlling the computer-driven electronic sounds.  After the concert we will talk with the composer, discussing with him the performed pieces.

Stefan Keller – Tabla
Horia Dumitrache – clarinet
Keresztes Szabolcs – electronic instruments

Stefan Keller: Prelude (5 min.)
immer da (14 min.)
Phoenix (15 min.) – presentation by and discussion with S. Keller

Free of charge 

Location: BMC Library, 1093 Budapest, Mátyás u. 8.