Widening Green Kindergarten and Ecoschool movements

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In Hungary only 12 percent of the public educational institutions have the Green Kindergarten / Ecoschool Award. The project supports further educational institutions to get this award. These newly awarded Green Kindergarten and Ecoschools will teach environmental subjects of a high quality and in a systematic way to the children. Hence, the environmental consciousness of chil-dren attending these institutions is increased.

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Proteggere l’ambiente
01.07.2012 - 31.12.2016
CHF 1'000'000

Although the green kindergarten and ecoschool movements have a decade-long history in Hungary, only 12 % of the educational institutions have the green kindergarten/ecoschool award. At the moment, there are 500 ecoschools and 500 green kindergartens. The award indicates that the institution realizes the education of environmental awareness, sustainable development and consumption in an institutionalized, systematic way. Addressing such issues in educational institutions is of key importance to raise the environmental consciousness of young generations.

Hungarian registration number: SH 4/5


The goal is to strengthen the environmental consciousness of children and pupils. For this purpose, the level of environmental education in public institutions is increased by widening the green kindergarten and ecoschool movements. The green institutions integrate the topic Natura 2000 in their environmental education activities in a systematic way.

Gruppi target

Educational institutions (kindergarten, schools); children, pupils; parents, relatives.


Supported by two national resource centres, regional resource centres offer trainings, mentoring and consulting services to educational institutions willing to be awarded with the titles green kindergarten and ecoschools. Furthermore, pedagogical material covering the Natura 2000 topic is elaborated for the disposal of the green kindergarten and ecoschools.


Risultati raggiunti:  

  • 430 ecoschool/green kindergarten titles awarded
  • Educational materials regarding nature protection developed and 60'000 kindergarten and primary school pupils taught about nature protection
  • approx. 40 events organised (workshops, conferences, trainings)

Risultati principali attesi:  

  • Well-prepared national and regional resource centres
  • Elaborated new guidelines for applicants to be awarded green kindergartens and ecoschools
  • Developed pedagogical material regarding Natura 2000 for the green kindergarten and ecoschools
  • Organised regional meetings, road shows, PR / awareness raising activities
  • Requested trainings, consultancy and mentoring services for applicants
  • Newly awarded 300 green kindergartens and 300 ecoschools with approx. 11’100 children / pupils
  • Elaborated educational policy recommendations for a new national curriculum with environmental topics


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  • National State Institute North

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Budget Fase in corso Budget Svizzera CHF   1'000'000 Budget svizzero attualmente già speso CHF   986'131
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