Applying for Visa in New Delhi

Indian Residents from North and East India (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chandigarh, Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Lakshwadeep(UT), Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tripura, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal) and also residents from Bhutan should submit their application to the Switzerland Visa Application Centre or to the Swiss Embassy in Delhi.

Please note that effective April 05, 2010, a valid travel document has to satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Its validity shall extend at least three months after the intended date of departure from the territory of the Member States or, in the case of several visits, after the last intended date of departure from the territory of the Member States;
  2. It shall contain at least two blank pages;
  3. It shall have been issued within the previous 10 years.

Please also note that as per information received from the Indian Authorities, handwritten and not machine readable passports are no longer issued and manual changes in Indian passports are no longer permitted since 01.04.2010. The Schengen states’ consulates thus do not accept:

  1. Handwritten or not machine readable Indian passports issued after 01.04.2010;
  2. Indian passports that contain a manual entry (observation) made after 01.04.2010 where the biographical data (including name place and date of birth and sex) of the passport holder were changed.

Note: Holders of Diplomatic/Official passports should apply for visa at the Swiss Embassy and not at the Switzerland Visa Application Centre. For details please see the relevent visa requirement sheet.

Announcements / Important information

  • The visa center of VFS in New Delhi will move to a new location on 5.10.2015.

  • Important change:
    From 20th January 2014 onwards, the procedure for obtaining an authorization for a visa to work in Switzerland must be initiated by the prospective employer through the channel of the competent cantonal authority in Switzerland. 

    The cantonal procedure needs to be finalized and a positive decision must have been taken, before a visa request can be submitted at the Swiss representation abroad. In such cases  a copy of the document titled
  • Ermächtigung zur Visumerteilung (Einreiseerlaubnis)
  • Autorisation habilitant les representations Suisses à délivrer un Visa
  • Autorizzazione per il rilascio del visto d'entrata, alla rappresentanze Svizzere

as issued by the cantonal authority should be submitted together with the original passport, two passport size photographs (not older than 6 months), a copy of the first and last page of the passport and the visa fee. A visa application form is not required.

From now on, it is no longer possible to submit the initial request directly, or via VFS, to the Embassy.

  • As per 15.10.2013 travel insurances will be accepted only from approved Indian travel insurance companies.
  • New rule on calculation of the duration of stay within the Schengen area will be effective from 18.10.2013 on Please click here for more information

Important announcement

Applicants not submitting their visa application in person but through a representative (family member, employee, travel agent or any other representative) are required to submit a standard ‘Authorization form’ along with their visa application. This form can be downloaded from the Embassy’s website. Please make sure that you read and fill out this form completely before signing. This rule is applicable with immediate effect.

Standard Authorization Form  

Visa application process

In order to allow a proper preparation of visits to Switzerland please note the following processing times, which are subject to changes.

1. Processing Time at the Switzerland Visa Application Centre:

1.1. Deposit of your visa application

Please ensure that you make an appointment before you visit Swiss Visa Application Centre. In order to schedule an appointment for all categories of visa applications, please click on following link:


To apply at Swiss Visa Application Centre, New Delhi please email at:

1.2. Examination of visa application

Processing time:

1. Application shall be lodged not more than three months before the start of the intended visit (Article 9 Visa Code EC No. 810/2009).

2. Applications shall be decided on within 15 calender days of the date of the lodging of an application, which is admissible in accordance with Article 19 (Article 23 Visa Code EC No. 810/2009).

Note, that the processing time will be longer, in case of an incomplete application or if someone is called for a personal interview.

You will be able to track your application when applying through the Switzerland Visa Application Centre:


VFS Joint Visa Application Centre
Shivaji Stadium Metro Station, Mezzanine Level
Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Connaught Place
New Delhi – 110001


2. Processing Time at the Embassy of Switzerland:

2.1. Deposit of your visa application

The Embassy allows daily only for a very limited number of individual applicants to deposit their visa applications at the Visa section of the Embassy in person. In order to schedule an appointment to deposit your visa application at the Embassy, you must contact the Visa section through e-mail. The emails should be sent to the address mentioned below. The Embassy will respond to you within 24 hrs on all working days. You can expect to receive an appointment to deposit your application within 5 working days. Please carry a print out of the e-mail confirmation of your appointment when you visit the Embassy. Please note that no walk-in deposits are accepted currently. Any change of this rule will be made public.

To apply at Swiss Embassy, New Delhi please email at:

Please include the following points while sending an email to the Embassy for scheduling an appointment.

  • Individual Name
  • First Name and Last Name of the applicant
  • Passport number
  • Date of Travel
  • Number of Applicants

2.2. Examination of visa application:

Please be informed that processing of a visa takes a minimum of ten working days.

Note that the processing time will be longer, in case of an incomplete application.

Kindly note the following points:

Opening time: Monday-Friday, 08:00-09:00 am (Applications are to be submitted with prior appointment)

You have to come personally to submit your visa application.

Passports submitted to the Embassy can be collected only after ten working days between 11:00 and 12:00 am.

It is not possible to get the visa the same day.

Applications for diplomatic and official passport holders can be submitted to the Embassy of Switzerland Visa section on any working day between 11:00 am and 12:00 am, either personally or through a representative. The passport collection will be the next working day at the same time.

Children travelling alone or not with both parents (under 18 years of age): authorization letter signed by both parents and as a proof of the signatures a copy of their passports or PAN cards or driving licenses of both parents.

A travel/ medical insurance up to Euro 30’000.- is compulsory

The visa application form is free - you can download it from this page or collect it from the Embassy.

We suggest you to apply for the visa as early as possible, however, please be informed, that the application for the visa can only be filed maximum 3 months in advance of your departure date.

Kindly be informed, that the above mentioned information regarding the processing time is subject to changes. The processing time can be longer in the months of May, June and July, due to a high number of visa applications.