A Challenging Market Becomes More Challenging- A new report by SDC and ILO

Local news, 12.06.2017

A new report launched by ILO and supported by the Swiss Agency For Development and Cooperation (SDC) reveals situation of Jordanians, migrant workers and Syrian refugees in Jordan’s labour market. The report shed lights on solutions to potentially conflicting policy aims in Jordan’s labour market.

The report, entitled A Challenging Market Becomes More Challenging: Jordanian Workers, Migrant Workers and Refugees in the Jordanian Labour Market, focuses on the policy goals of boosting employment amongst Jordanian nationals, ensuring decent working conditions for all, including migrant workers and incorporating Syrian refugees into the labour force.

The study found Jordanians are willing to work in any sector provided it is under decent working conditions. The study also found, however, that migrant workers and Syrian refugees often work under harsh conditions -- including late payment of wages, non-payment of overtime, and long working hours -- making it difficult for Jordanians to compete for jobs. There is a need to complement regulations aiming at limiting entry of migrants to certain sectors and occupations with a comprehensive initiative to improve working conditions in order to make jobs more attractive to Jordanians and other workers.

The report comes in light of figures released by Department of Statistics (DoS), which found that unemployment has reached 18.2 per cent during the first quarter of 2017. Supported by the ILO, the latest DOS survey adopted a new methodology for surveying employment and unemployment, now taking into account informal employment in addition to formal employment, and also non-Jordanians in addition to Jordanians.

To read the full report click below:

Report in Arabic Language (PDF, 4.1 MB, Arabic)

Report in English Language (PDF, Number of pages 158, 3.0 MB, English)