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Project completed

Allocation of SDC Funding to UNHCR Operations in 2017

01.01.2017 - 31.12.2017

In line with the Good Humanitarian Donorship (GHD) principles, Switzerland recognizes the necessity of predictable and flexible funding to respond to changing needs in humanitarian crises. SDC funding to UNHCR operations allows the UN Refugee Agency to respond proactively and to provide immediate protection and assistance to refugees and internally displaced people in life-threatening situations and underfunded emergencies.

Project completed

Les Sarments de Lavaux - Food Aid Swiss Dairy Products (Lebanon)

01.01.2017 - 31.07.2018

Through the usage of food aid in the form of Swiss dairy products, Swiss Humanitarian Aid contributes to the prevention and treatment of malnutrition, undernourishment, and disease. The SDC’s Humanitarian Aid administers the credit granted by parliament for a yearly amount of some CHF 20 million destined for the purchase of Swiss dairy products and their use for the benefit of the needy. Its task is to ensure a sustainable, targeted, and closely monitored food aid.

Contribution to UNRWA's Programme Budget 2017-2020

a classroom with young female students

01.01.2017 - 31.12.2020

UNRWA is one of Switzerland’s key multilateral partners in the Middle East, due to its regional outreach and its important contributions towards stability and peace in the region. UNRWA overall delivers assistance and protection services to 5.3 million registered Palestine refugees. Under its Programme Budget, UNRWA ensures universal access to quality primary health care and to basic education to Palestine refugees. It also provides targeted relief and social services to needy poor refugees.

Project completed

LEB Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation (GKCF) Support to Centers in Palestine Refugee Camps – BNS & PRO

01.04.2016 - 31.05.2019

Palestine Refugees have no access to public schools in Lebanon. UNRWA runs 69 schools and 2 vocational education centers that cannot meet all the needs of an increasingly young population. Non-profits play a key role in complementing UNRWA’s services, particularly in early childhood. Further, many schools lack the necessary infrastructure, equipment and staff to support children with special needs. The main objective of the project is to improve the lives of Palestine Refugee (and other nationality) children and integrate those with disabilities in the regular education system.

Project completed

Swiss experts to UN agencies in the frame of the regional crises in the Middle East

24.02.2016 - 31.12.2017

The Middle East is currently contending with two L3 crises:  Iraq and Syria. Over 20 million people need humanitarian assistance: refugees, lDPs, host communities. In line with the Swiss Cooperation Strategy 2015-

2018, SHA experts provide technical support & strategic advice to UN agencies, contributing to a strengthened, coordinated response. The deployed experts allow Switzerland to expand its operational engagement and humanitarian presence in the region, including in contexts where SDC has no office (Iraq and Syria).

Project completed

Contribution to UNRWA's General Fund 2016

01.01.2016 - 31.01.2017

The contribution to UNRWA’s 2016 General Fund (regular budget) will allow sustaining the Agency’s humanitarian and human development programmes that service over 5 Mio Palestine refugees and contribute to peace and stability in the Middle East. The key programmes in education, health, relief and social services are primarily funded from the General Fund, which has remained critically under-funded for a number of years.

Project completed

Allocation of SDC Funding to ICRC Operations in 2016

01.01.2016 - 31.12.2016

In line with the Good Humanitarian Donorship (GHD) principles, Switzerland recognizes the necessity of predictable and flexible funding to respond to changing needs in humanitarian crises. SDC funding to ICRC operations allows the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to respond proactively and to provide immediate protection and assistance for people affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence.

Project completed
Project completed

LEB- UN-Habitat: Addressing the impacts of the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Tripoli and Tyr

01.12.2015 - 31.05.2018

With over 1 million Syrian refugees against a population of around 4.2 million, Lebanon now has the highest number of refugees per capita in the world. Around 35 % of those refugees are hosted in the four largest cities: Tripoli, Beirut, Saida and Tyr which accommodate 50% of the total population in Lebanon. Priority needs are shelter, food and livelihoods. UN-Habitat in Lebanon addresses the urban challenges and needs in these cities.

Project completed

LEB Direct Action - contribution to improved access to water and sanitation services in Bekaa Valley

01.10.2015 - 30.09.2019

The delivery of Water and Sanitation services by the Bekaa Water Establishment (BWE) has been partly disrupted since the massive arrival of refugees from Syria, due to a high demand on an establishment whose structure and daily operation procedures are inefficient. SDC intends to support the much needed development of the BWE to improve the quality of its services to all, Lebanese host communities as well as refugee populations.

Project completed

LEB- UNDP -Improving Living Conditions in Palestinian Gatherings

01.10.2015 - 30.09.2018

In Lebanon, 455'000 Palestine refugees are officially registered with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Some 250'000 of them live in 12 official camps; others live in and around cities and towns, often in areas called gatherings. There are 42 such gatherings in Lebanon where over 140'000 Palestine refugees live (as well as poor Lebanese and Palestine refugees from Syria). Through this project, SDC aims at contributing to improved living conditions in these gatherings by providing basic urban services.

Project completed

LEB, TdH, Protection of the Most Vulnerable Children Affected by the Syria crisis in South Lebanon

01.01.2015 - 31.12.2017

Since 2011 almost 1.2 million Syrians crossed into Lebanon seeking safety and shelter. Especially children struggle with many challenges during displacement including family separation, exposure to physical and/or psychological violence, abuse, child labour and exploitation, early marriage, and recruitment by armed groups. Through this project, Terre des hommes builds and expands on its regular interventions in South Lebanon by including Syrian refugee children and strengthening capacities of local child protection actors.

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