Interregional Arab Labour Migration Program - IRAM

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The project focuses on reforms of labour legislation, on employment constraints and potentials and on migrant workers’ rights and their protection in the Maghreb. It provides technical expertise for the reinforcement of state capacities and the strengthening of labour governance. The national legislation and labour codes will be reformed and adapted to international standards. The organization of migrant workers into trade unions will contribute to reducing their exploitation and strengthening their representation.

Land/Region Thema Periode Budget
Migration allgemein (entwicklungspolitische Aspekte und Partnerschaften)
01.12.2012 - 31.05.2017
CHF 1'800'000

The Maghreb has recently seen increased arrivals of migrants from Sub-Sahara. Initially in transfer, a high number of these migrants ended up working in the informal and non-regulated economy. Being origin, transit and destination countries in the current social, economic and political context, the Maghreb is rightly concerned about the governance of labour migration and the protection of migrant workers. Decent work deficits combined with widening disparities in incomes as well as human security issues and demographic trends, have led to increased migration pressures. Thus, the decision of the SDC to invest into a labour migration project is foremost targeted at improving the corresponding framework conditions and seeking to redress the situation for vulnerable men and women migrants.


To improve the governance of labour migration and the protection of migrant workers


  • National labour (and migration) authorities, government officials
  • Public employment services
  • Trade unions
  • Migrants associations
  • Social security institutions
  • Mittelfristige Wirkungen

  • National ministerial labour and social affairs capacities for regulating labour migration are reinforced
  • The national ministerial capacities for protecting labour migrants’ rights are enhanced
  • The national trade unions’ capacities to protect migrant workers are strengthened
  • Intra-regional dialogue and cooperation on labour and skills mobility within the Maghreb are strengthened
  • Verantwortliche Direktion/Bundesamt DEZA
    Kreditbereich Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
    Projektpartner Vertragspartner
    Organisation der Vereinten Nationen (UNO)
    • Internationale Arbeitsorganisation
    • Ausländischer Privatsektor Süden/Osten

    Budget Laufende Phase Schweizer Beitrag CHF   1'800'000 Bereits ausgegebenes Schweizer Budget CHF   1'985'820

    Phase 1 01.12.2012 - 31.05.2017   (Completed)