Project news

The SDC and SECO provide regular news and highlights from their projects in Malta. Besides the latest results and findings you can also find information on important events and short films.

Young men and women from North African and the Middle East
Swiss support for the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies (MEDAC) has strengthened Malta's role as a mediator and bridge-builder between Europe and North Africa. © MEDAC

Completion of the projects

The installation of a modern tomograph in the public hospital in Malta affords access to improved cancer diagnosis for the general public. In addition, 60 young diplomats from North Africa and the Middle East have deepened their knowledge of human rights, governance and democracy in the master's degree programme offered at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies (MEDAC). 

Malta is the first country where the Swiss EU-enlargement contribution programme has been completed. The two projects have met their targets and can be assessed as very good in terms of their impact and sustainability.

Establishing Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scanning

Support for the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies (MEDAC)