Integrated Export Services for Small Medium Enterprises

Local news, 03.08.2017

Launching of project "Integrated export services for Small Medium Enterprises in Romania" financed by Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution, under the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Program, took place on July 18, 2017.

Integrated export services for Small Medium Enterprises in Romania
The potential for growth of exports in the field of furniture and organic agriculture is supported by the availability of the natural resources and existing expertise © SCO

The project foresees the setting-up of two Export Business Centers in the cities of Bacau and Ploiesti.  Through specific activities, the centers will support the growth of the export capacity of the Small Medium Enterprises, active on the furniture and organic agriculture markets, mainly from the North-East and South of Muntenia but as well from other regions of Romania. The two export businesses centers, located within the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Ploiesti and Bacau, will offer competent, reliable services to the SME applicants.