Registration of Swiss Companies

Registration of Swiss Companies and Exclusive Distributors of Swiss Products

Registration with the Swiss Business Hub Russia (SBH) gives Swiss companies and exclusive distributors of Swiss products the possibility not only to be informed about the latest events of the Swiss Embassy in Moscow and the Consulate General in Saint Petersburg but also to simplify the visa procedure for your Russian employees and business partners.

In order to get registered with the SBH, you should prepare the following set of documents:

1. completed registration form stamped and signed    

Registration form for companies (XLSX, 44.2 kB, English)

2. original letter from the office in Switzerland confirming the existence of the office in Russia with the chief representative’s name (signed by the authorised persons whose names are indicated in ZEFIX)

3. copy from the Swiss Commercial register (ZEFIX)

4. original from the Russian Commercial register (EGRUL)

5. information on the couriers  

Registration form for couriers (XLSX, 27.8 kB, English)

6. 2 passport photos of the couriers

7. copy of couriers’ passport page with the photo

The entire set of documents with a note "for Swiss Business Hub" can be handed in at the Chancellery (Per. Оgorodnaya Sloboda 2/5, Entrance 1: Side Gusyatnikov Per.).