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Solidar Suisse (Kredit Ost)

01.01.2017 - 31.12.2018

Solidar Suisse oriente son programme de développement sur les besoins et les droits des personnes vulnérables et défavorisées dans les pays les plus pauvres et dans les pays émergents et en transition où les inégalités sont profondes. Solidar Suisse développe des programmes qui renforcent les mouvements sociaux et promeuvent l’intégration active de la société civile dans les processus politiques. Le « travail décent » est devenu l’élément phare de Solidar Suisse qui a développé une véritable expertise dans cette thématique.

Social lnclusion and lmprovement of Living Conditions for Roma and other Vulnerable Groups in Serbia

01.12.2016 - 31.12.2018

This project, being a part of the broad HEKS-EHO program, defines an innovative approach to tackle access to quality education and improving of housing conditions of Roma. Through the dweller driven housing model, the project is upgrading the substandard Roma settlements, providing better living conditions for Roma. By institutionalisation of Roma teacher‘s assistants in education, it assists in enrollment and higher attainment of Roma pupils and skills increase of Roma adults, contributing to a more sustainable integration of Roma.

Strengthening Oversight Function and Transparency of the Parliament

01.11.2015 - 31.10.2019

To benefit Citizens whom they represent, parliamentarians have an important stake in law making including accurate consultation mechanisms. Equally important is their oversight function over the executive's expenditures. Also, the representation of Citizens as per their political power and regional affiliation reflects important features of an effective parliament. The intervention will address identified shortcomings both in the National Assembly as well as in local assemblies of Serbia, thus enhancing their democratic legitimation.

From Education to Employment (E2E): Youth Skills Development and Public Private Partnership

01.04.2015 - 31.12.2019

One of the most challenging problems and a key concern of the Government of Serbia is high youth unemployment (51%). With the EU Accession negotiations, a new strategic dialogue on employment and social issues has been launched. The Government of Serbia has invited Switzerland to support the dual VET reform in Serbia. The E2E program aims to assist the development of a system of tailor made youth employment policies and measures to stimulate employment prospects through public private partnerships.

Project completed

Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation programme contribution East 2015 - 2016

01.01.2015 - 31.12.2016

HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation’s vision is a just world in which all men and women determine the course of their lives in dignity and security, using environmental resources in a sustainable manner. Based on the human rights, it supports with its partners poor and disadvantaged people in developing and transition countries following the principle of help for self-help. In Switzerland, HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation engages in sensitising for the interests of developing and transition countries.

Project completed

Solidar Suisse programme contribution East 2015 - 2016

01.01.2015 - 31.12.2016

Solidar Switzerland’s cooperation engagement contributes to poverty reduction and respect of human rights. It supports political and economical processes to improve equitable access to resources, labour and power in a globalised world. Special focus is to enhance the decent work agenda and to foster democratic structures. At the same time Solidar undertakes awareness raising and advocacy activities in Switzerland, in order to sensitise the Swiss public on development policy issues.

Project completed

CARITAS programme contribution East 2015 - 2016

01.01.2015 - 31.12.2016

CARITAS Switzerland is committed to a world in which the rights and dignity of every human being are respected and all people – regardless of their race, sex, religion or political persuasion – have access to food, water, shelter, health, education and work. Being committed to the Human Rights and Millennium Development Goals, CARITAS engages in long-term development cooperation, disaster risk reduction and humanitarian aid.

Project completed

Stiftung Kinderdorf Pestalozzi Programmbeitrag Ost 2015 - 2016

01.01.2015 - 31.12.2016

Die Realisierung der Rechte des Kindes auf Zugang zu relevanter, ganzheitlicher und qualitativ guter Bildung und die Förderung von interkulturellen Kompetenzen sind Voraussetzung für eine gerechte, friedliche und nachhaltige Entwicklung. Dies sind die übergeordneten Ziele der internationalen Programme der Stiftung Kinderdorf Pestalozzi. Bildung ist ein Recht und zugleich ein Mittel, um alle anderen Menschenrechte zu verwirklichen.

Project completed

Red Cross programme contribution East 2015 - 2016

01.01.2015 - 31.12.2016

The SRC’s overall goal is to contribute to healthy and safe living for vulnerable groups and communities. Since access to quality health care services remains a key factor for good health, the SRC promotes both supply and demand side of local health systems. As healthy living also depends on the environment, SRC focuses on health determinants such as water, sanitation, nutrition and health literacy. Adressing risks and disasters, SRC programmes encompass disaster risk reduction measures and foster community resilience.

Private Sector Development South Serbia

01.10.2014 - 30.09.2018

The Private Sector Development South Serbia Programme will contribute to increased income and employment opportunities for the population, especially young people and women, of 90 (out of 167) Serbian municipalities. This will be mainly achieved by reorienting training and skills development to the demand of the private sector and promoting efficient and functional cooperation among relevant actors of the Furniture/wood and Horticulture sectors.

Resources for Local Democracy

01.09.2014 - 31.10.2019

At the request of the Serbian Government, SDC will support three reforms on Serbia’s path towards European integration: 1) the enforcement of a municipal finance law that awards good performance of local governments and ensures the necessary resources for democratic decisions; 2) the development of regional development policies for reducing regional disparities, including mechanisms for disaster risk prevention; and 3) high quality municipal audits aiming to achieve a rational use of public resources.

Municipal Development in South and South West Serbia - European PROGRES

01.05.2014 - 31.03.2018

The European Partnership with Municipalities Program funded by Switzerland, the EU and Serbia supports 34 underdeveloped municipalities in South and South West Serbia. The Program addresses municipal capacities to plan for development, attract investments and improves service delivery for 1 million citizens and the private sector in line with good governance pnnciples. It also contributes to enhanced multi-ethnic dialogue and improved cooperation between central and local governments.


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