Ecuador Earthquake: Contribution UN Flash Appeal, UNICEF WASH

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On 16 April, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck coastal areas in north-west Ecuador. Six provinces are declared “state of emergency”. On 22.04.16 the UN issued a Flash Appeal which aims at multi-sector life-saving assistance, protection services and immediate livelihood restoration for the next three months. Within the Appeal, UNICEF plans to support 60’000 people with the re-establishment of primary water mains and temporary solutions to replace the damaged public water supply grids in highly affected municipalities.

Paese/Regione Tema Periodo Budget
Assistenza umanitaria & RRC
Assistenza materiale
02.05.2016 - 31.07.2016
CHF 350'000

On 16 April, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake (Richter scale) struck coastal areas in north-west Ecuador, its epicentre located close to the town of Muisne and 170km northwest of the capital Quito.  Although the epicentre was situated in a remote rural area, several towns in coastal provinces were affected. More than 300 aftershocks have been registered to date. It is estimated that approximately 720’000 of the 7 million people living in six affected provinces have suffered from the earthquake and require assistance. As of 28.04.2016 (figures from the Ecuadorian Government), there are 659 reported deaths, more than 30’000 injured and 29’000 people living now in shelters. Close to 7’000 buildings were destroyed and 560 schools were damaged.


The Flash Appeal frames the immediate humanitarian response by the UN and participating NGOs, in close coordination with and complementing Government relief efforts.

UNICEF’s WASH project objectives are:

  • Improve the provision of safe water and hygiene services in municipalities where the damage of the water grid is hampering WASH conditions;
  • Installation of communal WASH services in key strategic areas in coordination with local authorities.
Gruppi target

60’000 individuals in highly affected municipalities

Effetti a medio termine

Increased access to safe water, sanitation support and hygiene promotion for displaced and non-displaced persons.


Risultati principali attesi:  

  • Water trucking to bladder and tanks;
  • Repair of water mains and establishment of a temporary grid via primary tank to secondary tanks and bladders

Direzione/Ufficio responsabile DSC
Credito Aiuto umanitario
Partner del progetto Partner contrattuale
Organizzazione delle Nazioni Unite (ONU)
  • Fondo delle Nazioni Unite per l’infanzia

Coordinamento con altri progetti e attori

Coordination and synergies with other UN partners, INGOs and NGOs present in the field.

Close coordination with the Government.

Budget Fase in corso Budget Svizzera CHF   350'000 Budget svizzero attualmente già speso CHF   350'015 Progetto totale dalla prima fase Budget inclusi partner del progetto CHF  350'000
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