Central Asia Climate Change Conference in Dushanbe

Local news, 17.05.2023

Dushanbe is hosting a two days (16-17 May) Central Asia Climate Change Conference (CACCC 2023), where the representative of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan are attending as well. 

The Conference brings together around 500 representatives of Central Asian ministries, as well as international organizations, youth unions, expert community and civil society.

They gathered to discuss climate change preventive measures in the region and to coordinate subsequent steps in the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

The following are the event’s themes:

  1. Emerging policies and strategies for long-term decarbonization in Central Asia;
  2. Strengthening climate resilience of the Central Asian countries through 20230: gaps and opportunities;
  3. Leveraging regional collaboration in a changing global policy environment; and
  4. Climate change and development for water, energy and food security in Central Asia

More information about the conference