Sehenswert/Szemrevaló – German-language Film Festival

Thursday, 25.09.2014 – Friday, 03.10.2014

Cultural event

It is the third time that the Swiss Embassy, the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Goethe-Institut in Budapest put their heads together and organize a Film Festival for the newest and most promising German-language films. 18 new feature films and documentaries will be shown in the Művész Mozi, Budapest, the Belvárosi Mozi in Szeged and the House for Arts and Literature in Pécs. Guests from all three countries will travel to Hungary and the visitors will have time to ask questions and listen to directors and actors after the movies. For more information, please visit our website.

Location: Művész Mozi, Budapest / Belvárosi Mozi, Szeged / House for Arts and Literature, Pécs