Digital Promotion

Artist Céline Condorelli plays with art’s boundaries and formats. © Theo Brinch, Lenz Films, 2020

The Cultural Department highlights Swiss culture and innovation in the digital realm, predominantly on social media. Using digital as a platform in itself, the Department features the projects and vision of Swiss artists and creative industries in the UK on its Instagram account and through a short film series.

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Creative Heads: a short film series

Creative Heads is a short film series conceived by the Cultural Department of the Embassy of Switzerland in the UK in collaboration with Presence Switzerland. The series’ aim is to explore the different pathways through which Swiss creatives navigate the vibrant cultural landscape of the United Kingdom and to find out how their work relates to, or is inspired by, their interaction with the UK.

The series portrays artists from most artistic genres, from music to theatre, the visual arts to performance art and from architecture to literature, enabling both young and established practitioners to gain visibility via the Embassy’s digital channels. The project is realised in cooperation with Lenz Films and London-based filmmaker Pascal Bergamin.

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