Article 50 – information for Swiss nationals living in the UK

Local news, 29.03.2017

The British government has triggered Article 50 and the two-year period of negotiations with the European Union has commenced.

The Swiss flag and the Union Jack

In her letter to the EU, Prime Minister Theresa May reiterated her wish to guarantee the rights of EU nationals in the UK at an early stage in the negotiations. The Embassy will seek to clarify that any such arrangements also include Swiss citizens and will continue to update the Swiss community throughout the process if there are any developments that could affect the status of Swiss citizens. 

The FDFA – together with the Embassy - has updated the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which covers many of the queries they have received so far, including around applications for British residency. This document will be updated regularly and Swiss citizens should keep checking back if their question is not answered and to keep in mind that the Embassy and the FDFA are unable to give detailed advice on individual cases. The document is available in English, German, French and Italian.

FAQ Brexit (en, de, fr, it)