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Project completed
Project completed

Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in the Ferghana Valley

01.01.2010 - 31.12.2013

En 2001, la DDC débuta un Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project en Ouzbékistan. Il a été évalué positivement en 2003, donnant lieu à deux nouvelles phases en Ouzbékistan (2003-2007). Début 2007, une évaluation externe a permis de valider la pertinence et l’impact du projet et d’ajuster les objectifs du nouveau projet régional "Water Supply and Sanitation" en Ouzbékistan et au Tadjikistan (début de la phase principale en juillet 2007). Les principaux ajustements visent à améliorer l’environnement permettant la réplication et l’expansion de cette approche.

Project completed

Uzbekistan: Rural Enterprise Support Project (RESPII) - Ph. I

Water flume meters at Farmer Filed Schools

01.03.2009 - 28.02.2012

Agriculture is one of the major components of the economy of Uzbekistan. Approximately 64 percent of the country’s population lives in rural areas. Around 32 percent of the labor force is directly employed in agriculture. In addition, the agricultural sector has a direct impact on and relationship with many other areas of the economy generating 70 percent of domestic trade and servicing 90 percent of the domestic demand for agricultural products.

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Central Asia
Agriculture & food security
Water resources conservation
Agricultural water resources
Agricultural development

01.03.2009 - 28.02.2012

CHF  2’465’000

Project completed

IFC Financial Inclusion for Growth

15.04.2019 - 14.04.2023

The Financial Inclusion for Growth Project (FIG) seeks to improve access to credit, payments and savings for individuals and businesses through formal (financial) institutions in a responsible manner. The FIG is implemented by the International Finance Corporation.

Global Trade Facilitation Program

17.12.2018 - 16.12.2022

Trade is a key stimulus to economic growth and fundamental to the competitiveness of developing country firms and industries. With appropriate policies and programs, trade is a major source of employment and enhanced consumer welfare for the poor.

Project completed

Global Financial Infrastructure Programme

01.01.2015 - 31.12.2020

The Global Financial Infrastructure Programme (hereafter, the programme) will support the development and creation of well-functioning financial markets in SECO?s priority countries. With a specific focus on credit reporting and secured transaction, the programme will facilitate financial inclusion and foster responsible access to finance. It will be implemented by the the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Syrdarya Water Supply Project

30.05.2012 - 31.12.2021

In 2011, the World Bank approved a large water management project in the predominantly rural Syrdarya region with a WB-IDA-share of USD 88 million, in which the participation of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO with a parallel financing was sought. The SECO project is a complementary and self-contained operation. It comprises (i) an investment component aimed at the rehabilitation of the Beshbulok water pumping station and its well fields, a backbone of regional water supply and of Gulistan the capital of Syrdarya province (260'000 inhabitants). It also includes targeted physical investment measures in selected villages in the vicinity of Beshbulok- and (ii) an institutional component consisting of a corporate development programme for three pilot water utilities (Bukhara, Samarkand, Syrdarya) and a limited number of selective and targeted regulatory framework measures. The objective of the institutional component is the creation of a sound basis for financial and operational sustainability of the three water utilities.

Europe and Central Asia : PPP Transaction Advisory Program

01.06.2011 - 31.12.2022

The ECA Program, managed by the International Finance Corporation IFC, is providing infrastructure transaction advisory and capacity building services to the public sector authorities to promote Public-Private Partnerships in Southeastern Europe and Central Asia.

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