Rural women leaders of irrigation water saving

Local news, 20.10.2021

Switzerland supports women’s participation in the water sector reform 

Rural women leaders of irrigation water saving
Rural women leaders of irrigation water saving ©FDFA

Uzbek women are able to become leaders of water saving technologies and contribute to the country’s water security – this became clear at the award ceremony of the contest launched among rural women in June 2021 to promote the introduction of irrigation water saving practices at their household plots. The contest is part of the campaign initiated by the SDC supported "National Water Resources Management Project" to raise awareness of the general public, especially rural women, about the efficiency of water use in irrigating crops.

The award ceremony was held at the International Day of Rural Women celebrated annually on 15 October. This Day highlights the essential role rural women play in the food systems. “Inclusive participation of women in the water management is key”, Rahel Boesch, head of cooperation, Embassy of Switzerland said. Congratulating the winners, she emphasized: “Switzerland is committed to supporting the Uzbek efforts towards equal participation of women across all sectors”. In a festive atmosphere, the event was attended not only by the winners who came to Tashkent for such a memorable event. Hundreds of rural women, farmers and irrigators countrywide were connected online and became a part of the celebration.