Public institutions and services

Sustainable, inclusive growth requires effective public institutions and services that reach all segments of the population. Without legal certainty or a reliable water supply, for example, entrepreneurs will find it difficult to set up a company and create jobs. SECO is working on public institutions and services through the following three priority areas:

  • Strengthening public finances: Well managed public finances are a prerequisite for sustainable economic growth. Most countries cannot spend beyond their means for very long: sooner or later their citizens will have to face the consequences of over-borrowing in the form of inflation or economic disruption. SECO therefore supports partner countries in managing public finances transparently and responsibly.
  • Improving financial sector efficiency: Businesses and individuals alike need a stable economic and financial environment to maximise their potential. This requires good governance in the financial sector. SECO assists in setting up the necessary institutions. This includes legislation and policies that favour economic activities and are in line with international norms and standards.
  • Improving basic services: Reliable infrastructure is vital for a country to develop its economy and reduce poverty. Households and businesses need access to water as well as sanitation and waste management systems. These basic services should be affordable. SECO supports partner countries with investments, advice, training and expertise.

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