A SECO project helps to solve flooding problems in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region

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Local news, 24.10.2018

On 24.10.2018, Vietnam News, a Vietnamese local newspaper, reported on one of Vietnam’s biggest concerns – increasing flooding and its severe impacts on the local people’s lives.

Mậu Thân Street in Cần Thơ City in the Mekong Delta flooded during high tides
Mậu Thân Street in Cần Thơ City in the Mekong Delta flooded during high tides © VNA/VNS Photo Thanh Liêm

According to the article, the Mekong delta region in Vietnam, especially Cần Thơ city, is now facing increasingly high tides every year. The economy in the Mekong Delta relies heavily on agriculture, which also substantially contributes to the country’s overall exports (95% of Vietnam’s rice export, 65% of aquaculture, 60% of fish exports and 70% of fruit production)[1]. So far there hasn’t been any effective solution to prevent the heavy flooding, and the region’s economy and local lives have been being negatively impacted.

However, the issue is expected to “be resolved until 2021, when the Cần Thơ Urban Development Resilience Project for Việt Nam is expected to be completed”, the article states. It is one of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)’s initiatives in Vietnam, supported with a grant of $10m.

Follow this link for a full read on Vietnam News:

‘Breakthrough solutions’ needed to mitigate Mekong Delta flooding 

[1] Dezan Shira & Associates. 2018, ‘Investment Environment in Mekong Delta’, Vietnam Briefing, 7th May [online]. Available here. (Accessed: 25th October 2018)