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27. Treffen des Gemischten Landverkehrsausschusses Schweiz–EU

26.06.2015 — Press release EDA
Der Gemischte Landverkehrsausschuss Schweiz–EU traf sich am Freitag in Brüssel zum 27. Mal. Die Schweizer Delegation wurde vom Direktor des Bundesamtes für Verkehr (BAV), Peter Füglistaler, angeführt. Sie informierte die Delegation der EU namentlich über den Entscheid des Bundesrates zur leistungsabhängigen Schwerverkehrsabgabe (LSVA).

Official working visit to Switzerland by the Slovak foreign minister

25.06.2015 — Press release EDA
On Thursday, 25 June 2015, Federal Councillor and Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs Didier Burkhalter received Slovakia ’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Miroslav Lajčák, for an official visit to Switzerland. In addition to bilateral relations, the main agenda item was Switzerland’s policy on the European Union (EU). Slovakia will assume the presidency of the Council of the EU in the second half of 2016. Talks also covered various regional and multilateral issues as well as current international affairs. Afterwards, Mr Lajčák paid the President of the Swiss Confederation, Simonetta Sommaruga, a courtesy visit.

The Federal Council notes the results of the consultation on continuation of the Federal Act on Cooperation with the States of Eastern Europe

24.06.2015 — Press release EDA
The Federal Council has taken note of the results of the consultation on continuation of the Federal Act on Cooperation with the States of Eastern Europe, which remains in force until the end of May 2017. Its renewal would enable the continuation of cooperation with those states of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union that are not members of the European Union. The corresponding dispatch to Parliament is expected to be submitted by the end of February 2016 at the latest.

Official working visit to Bern by Icelandic Minister for Foreign Affairs

23.06.2015 — Press release EDA
Federal Councillor and Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs Didier Burkhalter received this Tuesday the Icelandic Minister for Foreign Affairs, Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson, for an official working visit to Bern. Their talks focused on bilateral relations, Iceland's and Switzerland's policies on the European Union (EU), and various current international issues.

Third series of corporate tax reforms ready for parliamentary deliberation

05.06.2015 — Press release DEA
During its meeting today, the Federal Council adopted the dispatch on the Corporate Tax Reform Act III. The reform aims to strengthen Switzerland as a business location, focusing on innovation, value creation and jobs. The proposed measures are compatible with the current international standards and will increase legal and planning certainty for companies. At the same time, the reform ensures that companies will make an appropriate contribution to the tax revenue of the federal government, the cantons and the communes also in the future.

Countdown running: Exactly a year to the opening of the Gotthard base tunnel

01.06.2015 — Press release DEA
In a year’s time, the Gotthard base tunnel will be inaugurated. At 57 kilometres in length, it will be the world’s longest tunnel. Today in Lucerne, transport minister Doris Leuthard started the countdown to the ceremony. On 1 June 2016, the official state occasion will take place, and the following weekend, a large-scale celebration will be held to thank the public.

Official meeting between Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter and Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni in Bern

28.05.2015 — Press release DEA
Didier Burkhalter, head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, received Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni for official talks in Bern today, and praised the excellent relations between the two countries. Among the topics discussed by Mr Burkhalter and Mr Gentiloni were Expo Milano 2015, the opening of the Gotthard base tunnel in 2016 and the significance of the New Transalpine Rail Link, progress made on fiscal and financial matters, and Switzerland's policy on the EU. The two ministers also discussed international matters, specifically migration policy and the situation in North Africa and the Middle East.

Official visit to Bern by Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Charles Flanagan

06.05.2015 — Press release DEA

Bern, The Head of the FDFA, Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter, received the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charles Flanagan, for an official visit to Bern on Wednesday 6 May 2015. Their talks focused on bilateral relations, the EU and Switzerland's policy on Europe. They also discussed cooperation within international bodies, particularly the UN, and the situation in the Middle East.

Record values despite a difficult environment

04.05.2015 — Press release DEA
In spite of the difficult environment in the wake of the adoption of the immigration initiative, the ETH Domain was able to successfully fulfil the mandate of the Federal Council and Parliament. The attraction of the two Federal Institutes of Technology in Zurich and Lausanne continues unabated: with more than 28,500 students and doctoral students, a new record value was reached in 2014. In terms of knowledge and technology transfer, the ETH Domain with ETH Zurich, EPFL and the four research institutes PSI, WSL, Empa and Eawag also climbed record heights. However, if the ETH Domain is expected to be able to fulfil its mandate for the benefit of Switzerland as a centre of knowledge and industry, it is absolutely dependent on optimal parameters. These include planning security, stable basic funding and international openness.

French President François Hollande on state visit to Switzerland

15.04.2015 — Press release DEA
President Simonetta Sommaruga welcomed French President François Hollande to Bern on a two-day state visit – it is the first visit by a French president to Switzerland since 1998. EU policy, cooperation on international issues and economic relations are among the key topics to be addressed during President Hollande’s visit.

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