Multilateral cooperation

Federal Council Ignazio Cassis and Michael Moller, Director of the UN in Geneva, are shaking hands in front of an UN flag.
Switzerland is developing numerous projects in partnership with international organisations and institutions. © UN

Multilateral cooperation is an important element of Swiss development cooperation. Thanks to their long years of experience and considerable resources, multilateral organisations – such as international financial institutions, UN agencies and development banks – make an important contribution to solving problems affecting developing countries worldwide. Some 37% of all Swiss development cooperation funds are disbursed to such organisations in the form of general financial assistance (known as core contributions). Bilateral cooperation accounts for 63%. One fifth of these bilateral funds are used for projects that are directly implemented by multilateral organisations on the ground.

Reasons for providing support

Multilateral cooperation boosts Switzerland's image abroad and creates favourable conditions for strengthening cooperation with other countries and international networks

Multilateral organisations

The potential to use and incorporate the knowledge and capital of multilateral organisations into development cooperation

Cooperation method

In its work with multilateral organisations, Switzerland offers expertise, technical support and funding. Switzerland cooperates with multilateral organisations through constant political dialogue

Development goals of the international community

As a follow-up to the Millennium Development Goals, the international community in 2015 is determining new, universal sustainable development goals.

Millennium Development Goals

L’Accent multilatéral

UN agencies, the OECD and the World Bank are just a few of the international organisations with which Switzerland cooperates in the framework of its multilateral activities. What are the burning issues at the moment? What positions is Switzerland defending? What is the specific impact on the ground of the work done in these institutions? These are some of the questions that the Multilateral Accent proposes to answer in the four issues that it publishes annually.

Switzerland's involvement in multilateral organisations

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