What has happened in the meantime?

Five SDC short reports

A film team working on behalf of the SDC visits people the SDC supported a number of years ago. What is the legacy of this support? What are these people’s lives like today? Five film reports explore these self-critical questions.

The film team begins its journey:

Introductory film: the departure and many open questions. (00:02:19)
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Everything began with a shovel

Life after the great drought

Report 2: Moldova. Visit to Galina Malancush. (12:55)
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The Way of the Nomads

Report 3: Mongolia. Visit to Gonchigsumlaa. (09:38)
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The Chicken Queen of Tanzania

Report 4: Tanzania. Visit to Minza Mating’wa. (09:55)
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The Sources of the Future

Report 5: Peru. Visit to José Quispe Conya and Evangelina Mantuppa.(10:37)
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