Reports on effectiveness

The SDC regularly publishes a report on the effectiveness of its programmes and projects in a specific priority theme of Swiss development cooperation. This report examines whether the goals and objectives were achieved.

The SDC's Evaluation and Corporate Controlling division coordinates the reports on effectiveness on behalf of the SDC's senior management. As with the evaluations, external consultants are brought in to ensure impartiality and obtain an outside point of view. The topics covered to date by reports on effectiveness are water (2008, with SECO), agriculture (2010, with SECO), climate change (2014, with SECO), health (2015), employment (2017, with SECO) and gender equality (2018).

The reports on effectiveness are addressed to a wider public and are not classified as evaluations. This is because: 

  • They focus solely on the effectiveness of programmes and projects (i.e. the extent to which the objectives were met).

  • The main purpose of the reports on effectiveness is to ensure accountability to Parliament and the general public.

  • The results are based mainly on existing project documents (meta-analysis). Reports on effectiveness cover a large number of projects and programmes in one specific sector over a period of several years.

Reports for the general public

The following reports on effectiveness are also available on the portal for external studies commissioned by the Swiss Confederation. The reports on climate change (2014), health (2015), employment (2017) and gender equality (2018) contain additional communication products such as videos.