IC Annual Report 2023 – Challenges and successes in times of international crises

An earthquake ravages Turkey, the war of aggression against Ukraine rages on and the Middle East conflict flares up once more. In 2023, Switzerland's international cooperation (IC) made effective contributions to tackling humanitarian crises and met the challenges of promoting sustainable development. In the digital IC Annual Report 2023 you will find information on the SDC's and SECO's global activities.

Major crises posed enormous challenges for Switzerland's IC in 2023. Switzerland responded quickly and specifically to the urgent needs and provided efficient, targeted aid, particularly in the areas of food security, water, healthcare and protection of the civilian population.

The SDC and SECO were also active in contexts away from the spotlight. As reliable partners, they continued their activities in the Sahel region, in Central America and in Asia, thereby supporting sustainable development. Together with their partner organisations and the people they work with on the ground, the SDC and SECO were able to achieve many positive results in 2023.

The IC Annual Report 2023 shows examples of how Switzerland helps to provide concrete solutions to local, regional and global problems in different parts of the world. In this way, it creates new prospects for local people, improves the resilience of states and makes an active contribution to Switzerland's foreign policy objectives. The digital edition includes an overview of SDC and SECO activities in 2023 as well as images and statements from people directly affected by these challenges. It also illustrates the work carried out by partner organisations and provides key figures and results for 2023.

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