Contribution to Network for Policy Research, Review and Advice on Education and Training (NORRAG)

Project completed

Being an international network, NORRAG allows policy dialogue between a diversity of actors. It provides just-in-time knowledge on international education and training policies (IETPs). It supports capacity development and evidence-based policy making, particularly in the Global South. The period of shaping the post MDGs/EFA agenda is crucial for recalling the importance of basic education and training. By covering these two themes, NORRAG is a strategic partner for SDC.

Topic Period Budget
Education policy
15.04.2015 - 14.04.2018
CHF  2’250’000

Basic education and skills development policies should ensure basic knowledge and competences not only to respond to the market needs but also to exert the citizenship rights of the individuals.


Evidenced based analysis on IETPs are available to the  main stakeholders (at the international, regional and national level) and orientate the content, the shaping and the implementation of national policies on basic education and skills.

Target groups

NORRAG members, Ministries in charge of Education and Skills development, research institutions, governments, NGOs, multilateral and bilateral agencies, International foundations, private sector, other thematic networks (eg. Educational Research Network of West and Central Africa (ERNWACA/ROCARE), SDC Education network, Réseau Suisse d’Education et de Coopération Internationale (RECI)).

Medium-term outcomes

Capacity of NORRAG’s members for policy dialogue and evidence-based policy making, particularly in the global South, is developed.

Context-sensitive policies and practices that represent an interest to the global IETP community in meeting the needs of specific populations is identified and shared.


Expected results:  

Progressive development of both global (driven from Geneva and international organizations in Geneva) and decentralised/regionalized dimensions (Asia/China, West Africa, South Africa, Latin America).

Development of new demand-driven Programmes of Work in collaboration with NORRAG’s partners and members (for ex. Right to Education and ICTs in education and training (e-learning, MOOCS).

Development of executive training in International Education and Training Policies in collaboration with the Executive Education department of IHEID (2016).

Launching of a Yearbook series in 2016, starting with the area of work on technical and vocational education and training.

Results from previous phases:  

Greater awareness and understanding of present and prospective issues in IETPs in the context of international development cooperation among IETPs stakeholders, in particular policy makers in the South.

  • NORRAG’s members have increased and diversified, particularly in the South (India, South Africa, Kenya, Oman, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Korea).
  • More than 140 active members, coming from over 40 countries, have contributed to last 3 NORRAG News (NN).
  • NORRAG’s blog has posted 194 inputs.

Individual and institutional capacities for analysis and dialogue in the field of IETPs and international development cooperation have been enhanced.

  • Policy-maker and practitioner are using NORRAG’s products very often to inform projects and policy (annual survey) and are participating actively to NORRAG’s conference, workshops, NN and blogs.
  • Partnerships have been extended: 6 contracts and MoU have been signed with southern Institutions mainly (South Africa, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, American Institutes for Research (AIR)).

Directorate/federal office responsible SDC
Credit area Development cooperation
Project partners Contract partner
Private sector
Swiss Academic and Research Institution
  • Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
  • Swiss Private Sector

Other partners

Institut des Hautes Etudes internationales et du Développement  (IHEID), Open Society Foundation, Government of Oman, Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education (NUFFIC).

Coordination with other projects and actors

NORRAG is a member of Réseau Suisse d’Education et de Coopération Internationale (RECI) and Schweizer Forum für Berufsbildung und Internationale Zusammenarbeit (Fobbiz). It works closely with Association pour le Développement de l’Education en Afrique (ADEA/ Inter-Country Quality Node on Technical and Vocational Skills Development - ICQN/TVSD) and

Programme d’appui des systèmes éducatifs de la CONFEMEN (PASEC).

Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF    2’250’000 Swiss disbursement to date CHF    2’039’153
Project phases Phase 9 01.01.2018 - 31.12.2021   (Completed)

Phase 8 15.04.2015 - 14.04.2018   (Completed)

Phase 7 01.03.2013 - 28.02.2015   (Completed) Phase 6 01.03.2009 - 31.12.2012   (Completed)