UNDP, Risk-Informed Development Study 2017

Switzerland advocates for a risk-informed development approach as a way to meet increasing humanitarian needs. The premise of this series of analytical briefing papers conducted by UNDP and ODI is to ensure that greater attention is placed on financing ex-ante risk management solutions that can help both meeting and reducing humanitarian needs, and ensure development gains at the same time.

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Climate change and environment
Humanitarian Assistance & DRR
Disaster risk reduction DRR
Protection, access & security
01.06.2017 - 31.12.2020
CHF 120'000
Directorate/federal office responsible SDC
Credit area Humanitarian aid
Project partners Contract partner
United Nations Organization (UNO)
  • United Nations Development Programme

Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF   120'000 Swiss disbursement to date CHF   119'718
Project phases Phase 1 01.06.2017 - 31.12.2020   (Current phase)