Pamir Private Power Project II

Project completed

In July 2011 the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO approved the financing of a Phase II project comprising a more targeted lifeline subsidy scheme benefitting the poor (2012 - 2014) and the early completion of the ongoing metering programme (pre-requisite for the efficient and equitable operation of such a subsidy scheme).

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Climate-friendly growth
01.03.2011 - 31.12.2021
CHF  5’379’122

On July 16, 2015, mudflows triggered by glacial melt amid abnormally hot weather destroyed 75 houses in the villages of Barsem and Kholkhozobod in the Shugnan district of GBAO, damaged road infrastructure and interrupted power transmission from the Pamir 1 Hydro-power Plant (HPP) to Khorog city and its surroundings. Two 35kV transmission lines and one 10 kV distribution line have been damaged. As a consequence, over 74% of population in GBAO had been without electricity for several days. Barsem and Kholkhozobod?s population have been evacuated to a temporary camp. ted transmission line and ener-gy transmission was restored with partial capacity (40% of Pamir 1 HPP?s 28 MW). These provisional measures can only be a short-term remedy due to two reasons:

? The capacity of the provisionally erected transmission lines are not sufficient to ensure electricity supply during the winter. Khorog and the surrounding villages rely on electric heating in winter during which temperatures may fall to -50C.

? The provisionally erected transmission lines stand on land which is highly likely to be affected by avalanches during winter.

SECO decided to make available USD 625,000 as Early Recovery assistance, including the rehabilitation of the power line between Khorog and Khorog HPP as well as strengthening PE's capacity in DRR.


Restore power transmission between Pamir I HPP and Khorog before onset of winter 2015. Increase DRR-capacity of Pamir Energy.

Medium-term outcomes

Energy transmission between Pamir I HPP and Khorog city restored. Pamir Energy better able to reduce risks linked to natural disasters and respond to them effectively when they occur.


Expected results:  

Transmission line between Khorog and Pamir I HPP built.

Directorate/federal office responsible SECO
Credit area Development cooperation
Project partners Contract partner
  • International Development Agency

Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF    5’379’122 Swiss disbursement to date CHF    0 Budget inclusive project partner CHF    35’500’000
Project phases Phase 3 01.06.2019 - 31.12.2024   (Current phase)

Phase 2 01.03.2011 - 31.12.2021   (Completed)