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Un seul monde 3/2017

La guerre de l'eau: L'or bleu, une source de conflits à travers le monde / Un pays figé: En Bosnie et Herzégovine, les jeunes souffrent d'un manque de perspectives / Révolution 4.0: Une chance pour les pays défavorisés?

Annual Report 2016 SDC / SECO - Swiss International Cooperation

The Annual Report, published jointly by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), examines the results of Switzerland's international cooperation in 2016. Switzerland strengthened its engagement in fragile and conflict-affected regions and worked to develop sustainable solutions in partner countries.

Report on Effectiveness 2017: Swiss International Cooperation in the Field of Employment

The Report on Effectiveness 2017 presents the achieved results of the international cooperation of SDC and SECO in the field of employment between 2005-2014. Independent experts have assessed the effectiveness of more 72 projects and programs. The report also shows which factors have influenced the effectiveness. The SDC and SECO regularly produce reports on effectiveness in order to analyze the achieved results of their interventions in certain thematic fields.