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Diaspora as a bridge-builder and driver of development

18.06.2013 — Press release EDA
Diaspora communities can play a crucial role in the advancement of developing countries. Thanks to the expertise they acquire abroad, their experience and their remittances, people living abroad can make a significant contribution to improving the situation in their home countries. At a two-day conference of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), delegations from some 60 countries are discussing diaspora communities' potential as part of development policy. This is the first event to serve as an international platform for diaspora ministries and representatives.

Switzerland is participating in the stabilisation of Somalia

07.05.2013 — Press release EDA
Under the leadership of SDC Director-General Martin Dahinden, Switzerland will participate in the international conference on Somalia to be held in London on 7 May 2013. Last year, the Federal Council adopted a Horn of Africa Strategy 2013-2016. As part of this strategy, Switzerland will not only provide humanitarian aid, but also work on development cooperation, the promotion of peace and security, and migration. Switzerland will also support Somalia in the development of federal and decentralised government structures.

Object 37 – 38 of 38

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