The President of the Swiss Confederation, Didier Burkhalter, speeks at the UN General Assembly in New York
Didier Burkhalter speeks at the UN General Assembly in New York. © FDFA

Goals of the 2014 Presidency of the Swiss Confederation

Three areas were the focus in 2014: young people, work and an open outlook. In order to ensure the achievement of the constitutional objectives of independence, prosperity and national security these three key assets play an important role.

Allowing the younger generation to achieve their aspirations and to enjoy good prospects is a key objective of political action. Establishing good framework conditions to provide jobs, especially for young people, and ensuring a high-performance system of education and research – through the combined school/work-based vocational model in particular – are key factors.

Work is a key element for including everyone in society. Switzerland enjoys good conditions in this respect; jobs are being created here. Switzerland must continue to promote work as a virtue that is necessary to achieve success and maintain Switzerland’s leadership qualities.

The controlled opening-up to the world around Switzerland has always been one of Switzerland’s strengths. Switzerland makes the most of globalization by opening up markets and focusing on quality and innovation. An open outlook is a success factor for Switzerland and is in keeping with its values of individual liberty, solidarity and responsibility towards the world around Switzerland.


Last update 26.01.2022


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