In his opening speech at the 44th World Economic Forum, the president of the Swiss Confederation, Didier Burkhalter, welcomed all those participating in the economic gathering.
He emphasised Switzerland’s willingness to take on its role and responsibility to turn its mind to shaping and preparing for the world of tomorrow.

The Swiss president enumerated the many challenges that lie ahead:

  • Security, stability and peace
  • The environment, the climate, access to water and food
  • Transport, energy, life in the cities of the future
  • Health, especially in terms of the ever-aging population in many countries

Regarding the Syria conference in Montreux, Mr Burkhalter was emphatic that Switzerland would continue to make its good offices available and fulfil its role as mediator. In his speech, Mr Burkhalter also addressed the issue of youth employment and highlighted Switzerland’s long tradition of dual vocational education and training. Switzerland, he said, would like to contribute in this area, for example through partnership projects in different countries.

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