Switzerland against Human Trafficking

Wednesday, 14.10.2015 – Wednesday, 21.10.2015

Public event

Logo for the 2015 Week against Human Trafficking.
The FDFA is taking part in the Week against Human Trafficking. ©

From 14 to 21 October 2015 a series of events will be staged in seven Swiss cantons to mark the Week against Human Trafficking, co-organised by the FDFA.

Switzerland is not spared the global scourge of human trafficking; threats, coercion, violence and deception are used to force women and men into prostitution or to exploit their labour. Even though more than a hundred victims manage to escape their circumstances and benefit from institutional support each year, the large majority, for lack of identification, cannot be helped.

This action week, organised by a large coalition of federal and cantonal institutions, international organisations and private aid organisations, aims to raise public awareness and strengthen partnerships in Switzerland. The range of events includes public debates, film screenings, discussions and poster campaigns.

Bridging the gap between domestic and foreign policy, the FDFA's Human Security Division is engaged in promoting synergies between institutions working to combat human trafficking at the national and international level. The FDFA's involvement is part of its close and structured cooperation with other federal and cantonal services under the Swiss Coordination Unit against the Trafficking of Persons and Smuggling of Migrants (KSMM).