Greece in brief

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To allow a glimpse on the characteristics of Greece, the FDFA provides key figures on the state, its politics and economy, its population and the Swiss nationals living there.

Government and politics
Head of state Prokopis Pavlopoulos
Head of government Alexis Tsipras
Type of state parliamentary republic
Land area 131’940 km2
Capital Athens
Population 10,96m
Religion/s Greek Orthodox
Language/s Greek
Government and politics
Currency Euro (EUR)
Gross domestic product (GDP) 2014 USD 235,57bn
Change over previous year +0,7%
Per capita GDP 2014 USD 21’498
Swiss colony 2015 3’154 people
Swiss exports 2015 CHF 794m
Change over previous year -11,7%
Swiss imports 2015 CHF 148m
Change over previous year -5,8%