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Guide - Returning to Switzerland - Returning to Switzerland Swiss citizens living abroad

This guide is intended for Swiss citizens living abroad who are planning to return to Switzerland. Topics and sub-topics are listed in alphabetical order in the table of contents.

Swiss Enlargement Contribution Annual Report 2014

The 2014 annual report on Switzerland's enlargement contribution provides an overview of the most recent developments and a summary of key project results in 2014. Around 300 projects were being implemented at the end of the year, with 18 already completed. Granting an enlargement contribution of CHF 45 million for Croatia and closing the commitment period for Bulgaria and Romania were important events for 2014.

The Human Rights Council: a practical guide

This publication provides an overview of the functioning and working methods of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. It explains the structures, procedures and mechanisms, taking care to illustrate each point with examples drawn from practice. This publication is also intended to bring together the different sources of information on the Council, in particular those available on the internet.

Professional education in Bolivia: “We need more electricians and fewer lawyers”

Swiss polar research: Pioneering spirit, passion and excellence

Switzerland is at the forefront of international polar research. Swiss researchers are contributing to their country's global image. Twelve contributions illustrate their work at the north and south poles: what role do the Arctic and Antarctic play on our planet, how sensitive are they to anthropogenic global warming and what does this mean for the future – and for Switzerland?

Object 1 – 12 of 293