The treaties in detail

Type of treaty Multilateral international treaty
Subject 0.63
Number (Classified Compilation of Swiss Law) 0.632.311.231
English title Free Trade Agreement between the EFTA States und the Republic of Albania
German title Freihandelsabkommen vom 17. Dezember 2009 zwischen den EFTA-Staaten und der Republik Albanien (mit Anhängen und Prot.)
French title Accord de libre-échange du 17 décembre 2009 entre les Etats de l’AELE et la République d’Albanie (avec annexes et prot.)
Italian title Accordo di libero scambio del 17 dicembre 2009 tra gli Stati dell’AELS e la Repubblica di Albania (con all. e prot.)
Concluded on 17.12.2009
Concluded in Genève
Depositary Norwegen
Languages angl.
Signature CH 17.12.2009
Ratification/Accession CH 15.04.2010
Entry into force CH 01.11.2010
Publication (Official compilation of Swiss Law) 2010 4805/4805
Publication dispatch (f/g) (Federal Gazette) 2010 541/603
Publication federal decree (Official Compilation of Swiss Law) 2010 4803/4803
Federal decree of approval 15.03.2010
Publication Status list 2011 4561/4561

Type: A = Accession, S = Declaration of succession

Status list

Contracting party Type Signature Ratification Entry into force Date of denunciation Denunciation date
Albanien 17.12.2009 25.08.2010 01.11.2010
Island 17.12.2009 20.07.2011 01.10.2011
Liechtenstein 17.12.2009 31.05.2010 01.11.2010
Norwegen 17.12.2009 26.05.2011 01.08.2011
Schweiz 17.12.2009 15.04.2010 01.11.2010


Number Annexe Signature General entry into force Entry into force CH Publication
1 Annex I Referred to in Subparagraph 1 (a) of art. 6 excluded products 17.12.2009 n.p.
2 Annex II Referred to in Subparagraph 1 (c) of art. 6 Fish and other marine products 17.12.2009 n.p.
3 Annex III Referred to in art. 13, Trade Facilitation 17.12.2009 n.p.
4 Annex IV Referred to in par. 2 of art. 14 Mandate of the Sub-Committee on Rules of Origin, Custums Procedures and Trade Facilitation 17.12.2009 n.p.
5 Annex V referred to art. 23 Protection of Intellectual Property 17.12.2009 n.p.
6 Protocol A Referred to in Subparagraph 1 (b) of Article 6 Processed Agricultural Products 17.12.2009 n.p.
7 Protocol B Referred to in Art.7 Definition of "Originating Products" and Methods of Administrative Cooperation Appendix 1 - Introductory Notes to the list in Appendix 2 Appendix 2 - List of Working or Processing Required.... Appendix 3a - Specimens of Movement Certificate EUR.1 and.. Appendix 3b - Specimens of Movement Certificates EUR-MED... Appendix 4a - Text of Invoice Declaration Appendix 4b - Text of Invoice Declaration EUR-MED, appendix 5 - List of Countries or territories participating in the EUR-Mediterranean partnership 17.12.2009 n.p.


Number Text Concluded on General entry into force Entry into force CH Publication
1 Protocole amendant l'accord de libre échange 18.09.2015 01.06.2017 01.06.2017 RO 2018 1163/1163